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You know you are a foodie family when your memories are recalled by entrees, your first thoughts in the morning are "What are we making for dinner?", and your daughter's first words are asking for a "bite?" 


Our Original dry rub has been a staple in our kitchen for years. This mixture works wonders on any type of meat whether it be fried, sautéed, baked, grilled, or smoked. What makes RMR Original so special is its versatility: We add this blend to just about everything; in breading, in sauces, biscuits, and sprinkled over vegetables, the list goes on. We developed RMR Blackened for those who prefer an even bigger kick - our Blackened recipe is less earthy, and a lot more spicy! Finally, our Sweet N Savory was created to round out our Trio. It is sweet, bold and flavorful.

Our smoked salts are used to accent any recipe. Our Hickory Smoked Salt presents a smoky flavor, and our Rosemary Salt adds an earthy element as well, making it perfect for lamb, fish, and vegetables.

We truly hope you enjoy having these blends in your kitchen as much as we do. In our family it's all about simplicity and efficiency.

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