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Every Dish is Inspired by an Experience

As we sit here in Florida lounging on the couch, I've got a loaded corona in my hand, sports center in the background, and an abundance of local reads and menus piled up in front of me. So I hunt. What's good? Where do we go? What do we try?

We are in St. Augustine for a quick vacation, here to enjoy the spring turning-to-summer feel in the air. The waves are crashing less than three hundred yards from our back door. I can feel the cool ocean breeze that has been soaking in the warm Florida sun all morning. Keep in mind, I'm originally from a coastal area in the northeast, and now reside in a beachy town in NC. But Florida has a different feel, there's a different beach atmosphere. The sand is softer, the air is lighter, and the sky is somehow bluer. It's beautiful here.

All of this gets me thinking about food. Initially, it gets me thinking about BEER, hence the loaded corona. But shortly after I am re-directed back to thinking about food...

When in Florida, one should ponder eating seafood. It is a peninsula, after all. It's completely surrounded delicious sea creatures waiting to end up on my plate. Thi reading as is all I've been reading about. Conch, scallops, blue claw crab....I'm ready to have dinner for lunch, and then dinner again.

All of this experience, to then turn into an inspiration for a meal we will eat weeks from now - RMR style. Could it be scallops rubbed with love and smoked to perfection? Slightly grilled for a lite crunch? Served over a light pasta with fresh tomatoes and a citrus kiss in a garlic butter sauce? Guess you'll have to wait and see...

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